NBA 2K19 Xbox One

NBA 2K19 - Atsinaujinęs ir daug sudėtingesnis krepšinio simuliatorius, su puikia grafika ir žaidimo elementais.


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Basketball is challenging, fast, with games constantly evolving and teams giving it their all to try and overcome their boundaries and win the match. When it comes to basketball in gaming, one franchise has always kept a steady hand on the ball, and that is the globally famous NBA 2K franchise. This series of basketball simulation video games have been developed and released annually ever since 1999, and each title emulates the feeling of this sport more and more, and now the latest installment in the franchise is NBA 2K19, which is getting released on September 11, 2018. The graphics have greatly improved, as now you can witness the power of modern technology and see just how beautiful and slick each movement of the characters is. Gameplay constantly evolves, and each new NBA 2K game brings it one step closer to being the ultimate basketball gaming experience, and NBA 2k19 features groundbreaking game modes and an exciting, immersive open-world “Neighborhood”.

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